Currently the desktop notes always starts in the top right corner of the screen. Adding the possibility of the user selecting a screen location or changing the default to the center of the screen would be much better. I my case my gadgets are usually in the top right corner so I have to move a gadget to find the note and move it somewhere else.
In the current version of our software, you could move the sticky note to the middle of the screen and then it will show there next time. Thank you for your good suggestion, we will contact the development department about it.

I updated your software today and I lost all the Sticky Notes I had on my desktop. Can they be recuperated?
Please global search the .esn file in your computer, and open it in the software.

I don't want StickyNotes to start up w/ windows. I want to run it when I want to run it. How do I do this?
You could unselect the option "Run at Windows startup" in "Tools-Options-General".

How do I create a desktop shortcut to run StickyNotes when I want to?
You just need right-click the .exe file of stickynotes, choose to "send to the desktop shortcut".

How do I bring up my last StickyNote so it shows on the desktop?
You have to select the last stickynote to show on the desktop manually before you close the software, then it will show on the desktop when you run the software the next time.

Hello, I just downloaded Sticky notes and I really like it. Simple and easy to use. I have one question. When I click on new note it comes up with 30% transparency. This must be a default I guess. Is there a way to make 'opaque' default for new notes? I know I can just click and make each note opaque but I thought there might be a way that I don't have to do this everytime.
You can set the default background color in "Tools- Options".

I like desktop sticky notes very much. When I start PC it appears in task bar. When I close it from task bar the desktop notes from desktop also close. I don`t want it on task bar. So please help me about the error.Waiting for reply.
Please chose "minimize to system tray" by clicking "Tools-Options-General".

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