When I had the Free version, I always had a small icon for Sticky Notes pinned on my Windows 10 Task Bar. I just purchased the Pro version, and now I can't even get it onto the the Task Bar.
Please unselect the option "minimize to system tray" in "Tools-Options-General".

hi! do u hav any interface styles for teen girls?
You could try our Efficient Lady's Organizer.

My note are just one yellow line on my desktop, not as a table, so I am unable to view the notes properly on the desktop.
Please select the option "autosize" in the desktop notes entry page.

I can;t get teh Desktop notes to show on the Windows desktop even though that option is checked when composing it.
Please choose "Always on Desktop" in the entry page.

I love efficient sticky notes and would like to use it on my netbook. I can create a note, but it doesn't show up on the desktop. Is there something I should know?
Please choose to "show on the desktop" in the sticky note entries page.

I am purchasing a new computer and I have a purchased version of Efficient Sticky notes. How to I transfer all of my notes to the new computer?
You could backup the data in your old computer to a USB flash drive, and then restore the backup file to your new computer.

I was wondering how I can uninstall your software. I downloaded the "sticky notes" version and it is not what I wanted. However, after I have tried to remove the program, it won't let me with the error message reading,"Uninstall has detected that Efficient Sticky Notes is currently running".The problem is, that I have not opened any programs with your software. So how do I delete your program if it is opening others on its own?
Please un-choose the option "Allow multiple instances" in "Tools-Options-General".

I installed your program (efficentstickynotes)yesterday and found it to be much more than I needed. I tried to uninstall it but I can't. I also can't play any videos from the internet. In both cases I keep getting a window pop up telling me there is something running from your sticky note program in Internet Explorer. I can't find what it is or how to get rid of the problem. I tried to load the newer Adobe 10 program but I keep getting the same pop up.
Please un-select the option "Allow multiple instances" in "Tools-Options-General".

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