Hello: This software is lost somehow. I need to reinstall it. Help.
Please download it at You can use the code you have to activate it.

I installed the last version of efficient sticky notes, but didnt save the notes. Is there any way to get them back? Thank you.
please search *.esnx file on your computer and then open it.

I cannot uninstall this program (Sticky notes) as I get a notice that 'the program is running , close all applications and try again". I cannot see where it is running and cannot get rid of the program. HELP.
please check whether it is saved in system tray or not.

I have been using your Sticky Notes, and saw the new EfficientPIM software option to buy. My question is - will I be able to use the same registration for my laptop, desktop and iphone? or is it required to purchase for each device? Next question - is Sticky Notes software included in EfficientPIM ? Thank you, and good job on your great products!
you can use the same registration code for laptop and desktop we are developing the version can be used on phone and tablet. and efficientpim include the function of stick notes hope it helps

I get the option menu - open file, new file, connect to server, exit Open file takes me to the back up files (2) esnx. I can't open these. The problem may be to do with having set a password. but I am not given an option to input this. Please help.
please visit at : you should search *.esnx and the backup in "My Documents" can not open directly, you should copy it to other place and then open it

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