When I change the default font and the group list, record list, and record detail fonts then close and reopen ESN the record detail font reverts to a the original font before changing. This occurs even though the font choices still show the new font selected.
please downoad the latest version to have a try (please backup your data first)

all the desktop notes are squeezed into the upper right corner after startup Using the newest version of your freeware I tested on laptop with winXP and on desktop with dual screen on win7 How to setup correctly?
did you mean that you do not want to make it shows when computer startup? if yes, please click 'Tools' and then choose 'Option' and you can see the picture as below

2 month ago, i download efficient sticky notes from your website. it is great program to manage everything so i manage many important thing in it. last night it corrupt, i don't know what happen exactly, so please help me, it shows 2 months ago data in it. Backup files also shown old details. please assist me how to recover old details.
you can check the back up data at "My DocumentsEfficient Organizer AutoBackup". also you can try to use 'Search' function wish it could help, if not, please contact us

I did an upgrade of my Efficient Sticky Notes program and now I can't open it. I get the following message. The .esnx file is not a valid file????
you can try to search *.esnx or *.esn file in your computer and then open it wish this will help you, if still can not open , please contact us , we will try to help solve it

How can I import a desktop notes file (my sticky notes) from one computer with Efficient Sticky Notes to another computer with Efficient Sticky Notes? How do I find the file containing the notes so I can copy it? What is its name? How can I copy that file with the text of my sticky notes to another program with Efficient Sticky Notes on it?
The file is saved in the installation folder by default. You could backup the file by clicking "file-backup" to a USB flash drive and then restore it into the second computer by clicking "file-restore".

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