Hello, I have been using your Stickynotes for a long time and I really like it but for some reason just lately the notes on the desktop go from Opaque to 30% Transparency for no reason ??? I have Windows XP and I haven't changed anything. This is not a big problem but I just thought there might be a little bug that needs to be looked into. Thanks
The default layout of the sticky notes is 30% transparent.

My desktop notes do not show on my desktop. I am running Win7. Can you help. The notes are checked in the appropriate box. They do flicker on the upper right hand corner of my desktop, but then disappear when I minimize Efficient PIM.
Please choose "show on desktop" in the desktop notes entry page.

I know it is very simple but I just cannot find it to change I want my notes to appear on desktop when I OPEN my p.c and I know I unticked it when I first set it up,but now it is more convenet to have it there all the time,very pleased with the way it is set up,thankyou.Im sorry to bother you,Marlene.
You could choose "show on desktop" in the notes entries.

When I leave one computer to go to another and I open up program none of my information is there. Frustrating considering the file I created on first computer is file showing up on the second computer when program opens up. Using Scan Disk 1.0G
Please store you data file on the USB flash drive and open it on different computers. Or you can download the Portable edition, which can be decompressed on your USB flash drive.

I am trying to insert a sticky note in a word document. How do I get it to "stick"?
Please click on the "New Sticky Note" command, and select "Show on desktop". If you created a "Note" instead of a "Sticky Note", it could not be displayed on the desktop.

This may be a stupid question, but I have just installed and started using the Efficient Sticky Notes software. Are my notes that are supposed to be on the desktop supposed to be visible when the program is not on? Or does the program need to be running in order for me to see the notes?
Yes, these notes will only show on the screen when you start Efficent Sticky Notes first. It will automatically run after the starting of Windows as default; you can also click the "option" in the "tool" menu to reset whether to run it after the starting of Windows.

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